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Avacha — is the unified digital interface for all kinds of digital instrument current and voltage transformers independent on the measurement technology. Avacha allows you to create the digital instrument transformer with full IEC 61850 support fast and with minimum investments. 

Fully equipped

Avacha platform is designed for fast implementation, so that you would have to invest mininum time and resource into digital instrument transformer. User-interface is customized for particular type of the transformer both, from configuration point of view and design. 

Absolute Precision

Hardware support for sampled values publishing along with timestamping with accuracy up to 1,8×10-5 allows to achieve maximum accuracy exceeding the requirement of 0,2S accuracy class. 

Continuous Self-Diagnostics 

Avacha continuously checks each sample along with self-diagnostics and instrument transformer conditions, so that each sample of IEC 61850-9-2 stream is carrying not only the sampled value itself, but the full information on accuracy and validity.

Seamless SCADA Integration

Avacha allows seamless integration to SCADA with standard IEC 61850-8-1 client-server protocols, including Reporting service. Diagnostics information along with RMS-measurements and other information can be transferred directly to SCADA with no need in special controllers and other equipment.

Our Expertise — at your Disposal

Becoming TEKVEL's Avacha partner you get not only the board itseld, but also the unique expertize of TEKVEL's engineers and full support with product design and promotion.